12 April 2024

Summary of the FEAD Operational Food Aid Program

As of September 30, 2023, the Federation of Polish Food Banks concluded the implementation of the Operational Food Aid Program (POPŻ). Food Banks affiliated with the Federation of Polish Food Banks provided food assistance through their partner organizations as part of the Operational Food Aid Program, co-financed by the European Union under the European Fund for the Most Deprived.

Over the 9-year period of implementing the Operational Food Aid Program, support reached approximately 680,000 individuals each year. In total, they received 260,000 tons of food, 27.5 million food parcels, and 10 million meals.

Thanks to the Operational Food Aid Program, we provided support to the most impoverished individuals in the form of meals and food parcels, distributed by organizations collaborating with Food Banks. The program was managed by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, with food distribution overseen by the National Support Center for Agriculture.

Those in the most challenging life situations, whose income did not exceed a certain threshold qualifying them for social assistance, could benefit from this aid. The program was implemented in several-month cycles, during which specific rules and opportunities for accessing support applied.

To receive assistance under the Operational Food Aid Program, individuals in difficult life situations approached Social Welfare Centers, where they received referrals to collect food parcels or access meals.

An important component of the program was accompanying activities, conducted in the form of culinary and dietary workshops, economic education, and educational programs. Throughout the program’s duration, the Federation of Polish Food Banks implemented a total of 31,000 activities for 450,000 beneficiaries.

12 April 2024

A Year of Ukraine Aid – Food Banks Report

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12 April 2024

The third edition of the “EcoMission – Say No to Waste” project has concluded

For the third time, the Federation of Polish Food Banks, in cooperation with Lidl Poland, has created an ecological educational program aimed at teachers and primary school students. Over 58,000 children from 753... czytaj dalej

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