We save food from being wasted and provide it to those most in need.

Thirty-one Food Banks operating across the country form the Federation of Polish Food Banks, a community of independent non-governmental organizations with the status of associations or foundations.

Articles of Association of the Federation of Polish Food Banks (DOWNLOAD)

Realizacja misji

We carry out our mission by:

  • acquiring food, including products with a short shelf life, so-called non-commercial articles, and imperfectly packaged items of unquestionable nutritional value and quality
  • storing the received products and their rational distribution to local partner organizations that help those in need
  • promoting attitudes that counteract food waste

In our actions, we are guided by values that are reflected in the European Charter of Food Banks.

Results of Our Actions

In 2023, Food Banks supported approximately 1.5 million people in need in Poland, providing a total of over 32,500 tons of food for social purposes.

We provided assistance to over 3,400 social organizations and institutions: soup kitchens, community centers, shelters for the homeless, youth centers, hospices, support centers for single mothers, children’s homes, and other institutions assisting people in need.

Families with multiple children, unemployed individuals, homeless people, people with disabilities, recovering addicts, and many others facing difficult life situations benefited from the food support provided by Food Banks. Food Banks support both seniors and adults as well as children.

Food Banks acquired and provided food products such as fruits and vegetables, rice, pasta, beverages, milk, cheese, bread, and sweets. Thanks to this food, over 128 million meals could be prepared for those in need!

In Poland, 1.6 million people live below the extreme poverty line, meaning they have less than PLN 692 per month to live on, or approximately PLN 23 per day. At the same time, 4.8 million tons of food are wasted every year. Therefore, we conduct educational and awareness-raising activities to inform society that food waste is a global problem with very serious economic, ecological, and ethical consequences.