Food drives

The holiday season is a time when people in difficult life situations require special assistance. That’s why twice a year, during the Easter and Christmas periods, Food Banks organize food drives. Their goal is to ensure dignified, joyful holidays for all those in need.

On a daily basis, Food Banks rescue food from being wasted – they collect unsold, good-quality items from stores and producers and provide them to those in need. The rescued products mainly include fruits and vegetables, beverages, milk, cheese, bread, and meat. During food drives, Food Banks encourage the purchase of missing items such as oil, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, canned goods, or sweets, thus ensuring that those in need have nutritious meals.


The first holiday food drive took place in 1996. Since then, every year before Christmas, we collect food in stores across Poland. Over 50,000 volunteers participate in the Holiday Food Drive each year.


The Easter Food Drive has a more local character. In the last edition, 24 Food Banks participated, and volunteers were stationed in over 400 cities in Poland, covering nearly 2,500 grocery stores. Over 33,000 volunteers encouraged sharing food with those in need.