Cooperation with business

If issues related to combating food waste and nutritional education are close to your company, cooperation with Food Banks can become an important element of its CSR strategy.

What activities do Food Banks engage in?

Preventing food waste and supporting those in need are two equally important pillars of the mission of the Polish Federation of Food Banks. In addition to our daily work in acquiring food from producers and distributors and distributing it to social organizations, we organize and co-organize many educational and informational campaigns related to the fight against food waste and nutritional education.

Among our most well-known initiatives are food drives, especially the annual Christmas Food Drive conducted before Christmas. Every year, we also organize events on World Food Day – workshops, events, demonstrations, discussions, and meetings dedicated to rational food management.

Together with our partners, we run or have run campaigns such as Culinary Power, Financially Strong, Good Bag, Respect Food, Extra School Canteen, or Money Box.

What are the benefits of cooperating with Food Banks?

We approach every cooperation proposal with full commitment. Over 20 years of operation of the Polish Federation of Food Banks and our experience in working – often long-term – with many different partners enable us to effectively design and carry out CSR activities.

Working with Food Banks also means:

  • Nationwide activities with Banks operating locally in 31 regions,
  • Reputation as one of the most recognizable non-governmental organizations in Poland,
  • Effective campaigns carried out with tens of thousands of our volunteers who share our mission,
  • The opportunity to benefit from unique expertise in the field of food waste reduction and nutritional education.