12 April 2024

Huge Success: 27th Christmas Food Drive Collects 300 Tons of Food

During the recent Christmas Food Drive held on November 24-25, organized by the Federation pf Food Banks, the generosity of the Polish community shone brightly. Across more than 2000 stores, including major retail chains and smaller local shops, Poles generously donated food products. The stationary collection culminated in an impressive total of over 300 tons of donations.

However, behind this remarkable act of charity lies a sobering reality: in Poland, approximately 1.8 million people endure extreme poverty. For them, daily decisions revolve around basic needs – paying bills, buying food, or securing medicine. The escalating cost of living adds to their struggles, making the prospect of festive celebrations seem distant. Yet, the collective effort in gathering over 300 tons of food this year serves as a beacon of hope for thousands of Polish families facing hardship.

Comparing this year’s outcome to 2022 reveals a remarkable increase of nearly 40 tons. Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. Before the outbreak, Food Banks nationwide rallied to collect over 700 tons of food annually, underscoring the lasting impact of these initiatives.

The Christmas Food Drive not only rallied support during shopping but also extended its reach to those at home. Through the website https://zbiorkazywnosci.pl/, individuals can contribute any amount of money towards purchasing essential products for those navigating difficult circumstances.

With the online collection continuing until December 26th, there’s still time to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

12 April 2024

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12 April 2024

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